Titanic Publicity

Titanic Publicity!

Captain Corelli did it  for Cephalonia, Mama Mia did it for Skopelos… and the Clash of the Titans is set to do the same for Tenerife.  Wherever Hollywood blockbusters are made, there follows a significant rise in tourism after the film is released. 

Obviously a few ardent film buffs might choose to visit the location specifically, but for most it simply tips the balance.  When choosing a holiday between a place where a film you liked was recently made and another, you'll probably choose the film location.  Spread this proclivity over millions of people choosing a holiday and there is a marked impact on tourism. 

Here's a short video about the making of Clash of the Titans and you can probably recognise Tenerife in the background.  If not… just enjoy the explosions!