Think Again

Think again

Think againIt cannot have escaped your notice; the fresh breeze of positive thinking is starting to blow away the stale, musty smell of doom and gloom.  Here, there, everywhere, people are talking recovery, growth and confidence.  You can hear it, feel it, smell it.  You may have adapted to the recession and survived it, but now its time to think again.

When economies crumbled, the experts told us that it was all to do with ‘consumer confidence’ and ‘investor confidence’.  Recovery is just the opposite.  We thought our way into bust, and we will think our way into boom.

In Spain, confidence has been rising month after month and expectations are higher than ever that the economy is going to keep improving.  It is the same in the UK.  Across the board, from property to manufacturing, there is a positive buzz.  In fact there are so many articles, surveys and commentaries every day, each pointing at some aspect of renewed confidence, that it hardly warrants repeating all the individual statistics.  There’s just too much of it.  The way people are thinking is changing.

The new thinking is now filtering down to the man in the street.  Social media sites such as Twitter are awash with small business reporting better than expected results, increased sales and brighter predictions.

The time for licking wounds is now over.  Wake up and think again!

The time for rethinking applies to almost everything related to business, property and the economy.  For example, before the credit crunch settled in, there were hundreds (and maybe thousands) of people who wanted to buy a property in Tenerife.  Some were investors, some were planning retirement or relocation and others simply wanted a holiday home with guaranteed sun.  But then came the credit crunch and recession.  The shrinking economy made them rethink their plans then. Now they need to think again.

If you are one of those who put their life on hold for the recession, start dusting off those dreams!

  • If you dreamed of buying a property in Tenerife before the recession, but shelved your plans.  Think again.
  • If you are planning to retire one day in the idyllic climate of Tenerife, but you didn’t think it was time to get onto the property ladder yet.  Think again.
  • If you were going to buy a Tenerife ‘Fly to Let’ property for the 12 month rental season, but the recession gave you cold feet.  Think again.
  • If you were worried that Tenerife Property prices were going to fall.  Think again.
  • If you thought a holiday home in Tenerife would be just an indulgent luxury.  Think again.

    We have been to the bottom.  We are on our way up.  In two years time you can either join the ranks of the ‘would have, could have, should have’.  Or you can take the opportunity now, to think again.