The “Carnaval” Countdown is on!

Carnaval 2020

With only 14 days to go (and counting!),
“Carnaval” fever
has now hit Tenerife.

As the second biggest carnival in the world,
after Rio de Janeiro,
and an event which attracts thousands of people from around the world,
this is the most important fiesta in Tenerife,
and the Canary Islands.

If you have not yet experienced this amazing phenomena, we highly recommend it.

From the stunning outfits, amazing floats, selection of food outlets,
& general party feeling, it is in a league of its own …..
and the inauguration of the Carnival Queen is absolutely Spectacular!

If you are unsure about tackling an unknown city centre there are guided trips you can take,
where you are escorted from start to finish.

If you are planning on joining the festivities, here are the dates and events for Carnaval 2020…

Programme of Events

19 February – Gala for Election of the Carnaval Queen

20 February – Festival de la Zarzuela

21 February – Opening Parade

22 February – Daytime Carnaval

23 February – Sunday – Carnaval

24 February – Monday – Carnaval

25 February – Tuesday – Carnaval

26 February – Burial of the Sardine

27 February – Festival de Rondallas

28 February – Children’s Parade

29 February – Daytime Carnaval

1 March – Sunday, last day of Carnaval & Firework Spectacular

Santa Cruz
Carnaval 2020
will start on
19th February until
1st March 2020

This years theme is
“The Coquette ’50s!”