“Staging” tips to better present your home!

First impressions last, both on screen and off. Your property should be presented so that potential buyers are instantly turned on, not turned off!

The Buyer is going to make a decision to whether to view your property, or not, based on a few photographs they see in the newspaper or on the internet, so you want to make an impact at this early stage to get their interest.

Here are some tips to “Stage your Property” ready for the Estate Agent to take the photos, and then for The Buyer to view in person.

1) The First Impression

Many homeowners concentrate on the inside of their property and neglect to pay attention to the entrance ….. the first thing that The Buyer will see.

Spruce up the doorway with a nice Doormat, maybe a plant or two if possible, and make sure the area is clean and tidy.

The area may be Community run, but The Buyer doesn’t want to see the entrance to their potential new home being neglected.

2) A lick of paint goes a long way

Never underestimate the power of a lick of white paint!

Although it may not create that warm homely feel, it does promote a feeling of clean and fresh space, a very important factor when looking for a potential new home.

Of course, be careful not to clash with the colour scheme in your rooms! If your room’s colour is more a cream than a white then a fresh Magnolia can create the same effect without upsetting the furnishings.

3) Less is More

No one expects you to discard your treasured momentos, but these items do not have any meaning to The Buyer other than clutter. Pack away these memories whilst you try to sell your house, and remember, the quicker you sell the quicker you can unpack them again in their new home.

The same can be said for scatter cushions, throws, rugs and even furniture in general. De-clutter to create that feeling of space and encourage The Buyer to see the potential your home has to offer.

No one likes to de-personalise their living space, but if it helps to achieve your goal of selling your property, then surely it is worth it.

4) Let there be light

Good lighting goes a long way to creating a great impression.

Natural light is obviously the first option, but not all properties are built this way, so do not worry if your home is on the darker side …. clever placing of lamps, and the correct choice of bulbs, can give a similar effect. Try to go for LED or Clear White lightbulbs rather than the Pearl, or the more yellow bulbs available.

On the photograph and viewing day, open up those curtains and turn on the lights!

5) Get handy

Now is the time to put right all of those little repairs and niggles that you have lived with for years.

Remember, what you have “grown to live with” or you “don’t really notice anymore” could be the difference between a yes and a no!

Maybe a bit of DIY, it could be fun, or get a handy man round for those bits you can’t or don’t want to tackle yourself, and put them right …. dripping tap, small patch of damp, broken wardrobe door hinges …. the little things all add up.

6) Finally …. Clean, Clean, Clean!

No matter how clean you think your house is, The Buyer will always be on the lookout and pick up on any missed areas.

Wash those curtains, throws and cushion covers, clean the mildew around the bath, shower and washbasin, descale the shower screen and scrub the tiles around the kitchen work surfaces.

Don’t let cleanliness be the reason your property doesn’t sell.

Think of it as a good excuse for a Deep Spring Clean …. you will also benefit from it whilst the property is for sale.

You can appeal to all of the senses by adding scented candles, diffusers, or plug in air fresheners to enhance that fresh clean smell.

D-day Checklist

Prepare the property for the Estate Agent to take photographs, and for any visits, by double checking each room to make sure everything is put away in its correct place.

  • Entrance Hall & Doorway – clear away any unnecessary items, put away coats or bags, keys etc that accumulate day by day.

  • Living Room – arrange those cushions and throws in an orderly fashion and make sure the curtains are neat and tidy.

  • Dining Room – maybe set the table up with cutlery and crockery, but clear off all non essential clutter.

  • Bedrooms – straighten the beds and pillow cases. Folding down the throws or duvets can give a more modern and relaxed feel whilst maintaining an air of organisation and class.

  • Bathroom – make sure the towels are folded neatly, and all personal grooming products are away out of site.

  • Kitchen – ensure the work surfaces are clear of all non essential utensils and equipment, and that the bins are not overflowing.

  • Patio – set the furniture out to best show the space available. try to keep everything neat and tidy, and make sure cushions do not show sun-fading or tears.

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