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Hi Everyone.

It may have been an unusual year so far, to say the least, but as we hurtle towards the 20th of June and the official start of Summer, 2020 is showing no sign of slowing down. We have been fortunate enough to experience some beautiful May sunshine and at times it has felt like summer had arrived early with an abundance of lazy sunny afternoons and warm balmy evenings on offer. However, that all briefly changed on Friday the 6th of June, as the clouds engulfed us and the skies opened, and we all went on a mad dash to bring our outdoor cushions in and batten down the hatches in readiness for a good dousing of the Atlantic’s finest rainwater. We are pleased to announce that normal service has resumed, and we are once again donning our sombreros and cholas.

We are now in Phase 3 of the de-escalation process and, with our newly gained freedom, we are able to explore our beautiful island with a fresh impetus and absorb the sometimes taken for granted beauty that is quite literally on our doorsteps. It would appear a culmination of our own naturistic deprival and the earth receiving a well-deserved break from the normal levels of pollution has allowed us to fall in love with our home all over again. Never before have we, as a team, traded more photos between us of crystal clear seas, bright blue skies, colourful flowers, vibrant plants, rocky coves brimming with sea creatures, sandy beaches, full moons surrounded by a starry night and of course, and by no means least, the amazing sunrises and the sunsets that signal the beginning and the end to another wonderful day in paradise. It must be said that all of the aforementioned seem to have a new sense of wonderment to them, and as we relentlessly snap away with our cameras, taking in the sights as if it is a first time experience for us, we do not mind admitting that, secretly, we are all individually hoping that we have captured the shot of the day to share amongst our colleagues, friends and family.

* Information correct as of 12/06/2020

Other small but significant changes are also taking place as part of the de-escalation process, beaches are now beginning to open, gymnasiums, museums, libraries, zoos and aquariums are also allowed to follow suit, but with various restrictions including capacity and distancing requirements. Nightclubs and Discos have also received permission to open once again, but the dancefloors are to remain closed so, with this in mind, we have kindly asked our Company Directors to pop their John Travolta and Olivia Newton John outfits back into the wardrobe until we reach Phase 4…..

The unfortunate events that have marred the first half of the year are slowly starting to dissipate, and there is a very good chance that the way we live will have changed forever. As we embark upon our march to normality with a twist, it is important we keep vigilant as none of us will want to go through a situation such as this ever again.

What has become abundantly clear, when talking to people all over Northern Europe, is that whilst travel is restricted at present it certainly hasn’t dampened the spirits of those seeking to return to Tenerife and further explore the prospect of purchasing a property here. This keen desire to touchdown at Tenerife South airport is seemingly driven by two definitive factors, the need for a change of scenery in one of the safest places in Europe and, more importantly, to put the past few months behind them and make a life changing decision that can only improve their quality of life. Whether your quest is to acquire a holiday home in the sunshine, allowing you to escape the crazy World we live in, or maybe to completely “up sticks”  and re-locate, the thought of paradise awaiting is a temptation that is difficult to resist.

As mentioned in previous newsletters, we have remained pro-active during these unprecedented times, and amongst our activities we have tried to engage with our vendors on a regular basis and always make ourselves available, should they need to discuss any matters relating to their specific property, or a feet on the ground property market appraisal. In addition to this we aim to be on hand to offer guidance and support where it is required, as we fully appreciate how frustrating it must be to own a property here and yet not be able to touch or see it. Whilst on the subject of vendors, one thing we have noticed is that we haven’t suddenly been sieged upon by an onslaught of desperate property owners who wish to list their property for sale and never want to set foot on our sunny shores again. In fact, our portfolio has not grown any larger over the last 3 months than it did for the exact same 3 months of 2019. These figures would suggest that there will not be a glut of properties all arriving to the marketplace at the same time, which in turn could naturally encourage some potential for property prices experiencing a downturn, or our new and existing vendors needing to become increasingly competitive with each other and thus offering discounted prices.

It is not all bad news for our prospective purchasers however, as there are always exceptions to the rule and, contrary to popular belief, properties ARE selling here in Tenerife. It would appear the window of opportunity could be a short one, and those who act quickest will reap the rewards, and potentially benefit from a below market value property. The properties that have been sold in most recent times have been purchased by people who are on and off island. If you are not lucky enough to be in Tenerife at present, we can offer professional advice on how you can purchase a property here, without even so much as setting foot on Terra Firma, so if you have your eye on a certain property, and do not want to miss out, contact us today for further information.

So, what does the future hold, well the immediate future will certainly be a little trickier than years gone by and, as an island, we remain hopeful that come October we will start to see a significant increase in visitor numbers. It is worth noting that when the property market is quieter, and Real Estate Agents need to work harder in order to achieve a lesser volume of sales, many will simply lock up shop and walk away.  Historically, this is when a prospective purchaser is most likely to be on the receiving end of the type of horror story we have all been unfortunate enough to bear witness to. Over the past 33 years we have heard of disappearing deposits, sales not completing satisfactorily and new owners unknowingly inheriting debts from previous owners due to poor representation. Even if you are one of the lucky ones who escapes unscathed from an Estate Agent who has sailed off into the Sunset, where is the future support … we still assist and offer guidance to our clients for many years after their purchase, and we feel this is key to being a successful Estate Agent here in Tenerife.

It is hugely important that if, in turbulent times, you are buying or selling a property, you do so from a company with a solid infrastructure, unrivalled reputation, 30 year plus industry experience, international award winning, fully insured and recognised by the Real Estate Agency governing bodies ….. now, we wonder who that could be?!

If 2020 has taught us anything, it should be to appreciate everything around us, people, nature, scenery, all come for free yet can easily be taken for granted. As we go about our everyday lives, the more important aspects of life can sometimes get lost in amongst the stresses and pressures of our daily routine, and it is not until something out of the ordinary happens that our eyes are widened to what we have been missing out on.

So, wherever you are, why don’t you go out there, take a deep breath of the recently cleansed air, go for a swim in the sea, lay on a beach, watch a night full of stars, or take a walk in a forest; enjoy all the things that come for free, whilst reminding yourself of the beauty that surrounds us, and if you happen to have a camera with you send us your best shot and we will pick one photograph to feature in our next newsletter and credit the photographer ….. but only if it is better than one of ours though!

Take care and see you next month.

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