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Yes that’s right, it is us again, we have put our cocktails down for half an hour to bring you up to speed with la vida en Tenerife.

So, after 58 days of lock down, we seem to be coming through the other side of Covid19 here in Tenerife, and the Government has devised various strategies for us to slowly start regaining some sense of normality. During our lockdown period, it must be said that the behaviour of the residents of the Canary Islands was impeccable and by and large all the rules and regulations imposed upon us have been abided by, and due to this and our continued low numbers of detected new cases, we were fortunate enough to be propelled to “Phase 1” of a “0 to 4 Phase” process, thus meaning we are less restricted and are offered more freedom than other parts of Spain.

The move back to the world we once knew will not be rushed and of course there may be some hiccups along the way, but we think most of the people here in the Canaries are very happy with how our Government and the local authorities reacted to the outbreak of Covid19 and whilst the approach was strict, we do not think anyone can argue with the fact that the interests and wellbeing of the people were paramount in their decision making process.

* Information correct as of 15/05/2020

As of the 11th of May, the aforementioned “Phase 1” commenced and it was no longer the case that either exercise, medical reasons or a supermarket trip was our sole reason for us leaving the house. Wherever you are located in the world, there is a good chance you heard the collective cheer from hundreds of thousands of people all over the Canary Islands, when it was announced that restaurants and bars were allowed to open to the Public, albeit under strict guidelines. The rules for re-opening included, only the external terrace areas are permitted to be used by clientele, no more than 50% of the terrace can be occupied at any one time, the tables must be 2 metres apart and the establishments were to offer table service only. It would seem the prospect of being able to leave the house and seeing friends and loved ones, gave everybody a lift and would have gone some way to alleviating some mental health issues that people are bound to be experiencing in such challenging circumstances.

Due to the nature of our business, we receive snippets of information from all over the world and last week one of our collaborating agents in Stuttgart, Germany, confirmed that all shops and schools could commence re-opening. This is great news for the good people of Deutschland and it is also good news for us too, as with a large contingent of enquiries originating from The Fatherland, they make up a high percentage of our prospective purchasers. With Germany still Europe’s largest national economy, it is very much a case of Vorsprung durch Technik and with a bit of luck it will be Bavarian and Bradenburgers business as usual before too long.

We are keeping our fingers firmly crossed that the recovery in Germany continues, however, in the short space of time since we first started writing this newsletter, it has been documented in the International press that there has been a spike in the number of new cases detected since the lockdown was relaxed, but we remain hopeful this is merely a blip that was to be expected and as long as the infection rate remains low, they will come through the other side unscathed, and the rest of Europe will hopefully follow in their footsteps in their own safe time.

Over the last 2 months, we have been buoyed by the steady level of enquiries we have received throughout the lockdown period, as we can all be a little guilty of over thinking the worst case scenarios as opposed to looking for the positives, so when we receive comments in emails such as “Kevin and I have been passing our time browsing properties which we would like to see when we are allowed to return to Tenerife” and “ Hi, Tenerife has never seemed so appealing right now, as soon as we are able too, we will be back to resume our search” or alternatively, if we receive a notification from a lawyer informing us that a sale has been successfully completed at the Public Notary, we can be forgiven for the beaming smile that adorns our face and gently remind ourselves that all will be well and in most cases, both professionally and personally… nothing is ever as bad as it seems!

Our list of requested walk through videos grows daily and we can confirm that after some intense training, all our sales advisors are now fully qualified camera operators and are considered to be Hollywood approved, so remember should a particular property catch your eye, please do not hesitate to get in touch and send us a request. The sales team are now also available for weddings, birthday parties, christenings and bar mitzvahs ….. contact us for further details.

It seems that a key factor in the Canary Islands recovery and regaining economic stability will be our all year-round sunshine and the fact we can appeal to those seeking a winter break. The thought of the sun on your back with an ice cream in your hand in October would be a difficult temptation for most of us to resist at the best of times, but after a turbulent spring and summer full of anxiety and worry, the thought of a stroll along a Tenerife promenade is enough to send even the dourest of people into raptures… but more importantly, it will allow us to start receiving tourists sooner than other European holiday destinations that may have unfortunately missed the sunshine season of opportunity, and can now only ready themselves for 2021.

One of the main points we have discussed as a company whilst on our daily skype conference calls, is how recent events have changed our perspective on life. It has illustrated that in times like this, materialistic items have no value and family and friends are a hugely important part of our life, but it has also highlighted the fragility of life and how we can sometimes put things off, when maybe we should be adopting more of a Carpe Diem outlook on life. An educated chap called William from Stratford upon Avon once said “We know what we are but know not what we may be”.

Stay safe everyone and we WILL see you soon!

Best wishes from all of us here in Tenerife Property Shop S.L.

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