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It’s time to send out our Newsletter once again and we thought we would send you latest news of the island through the eyes of TPS.

We miss you, but while we are waiting for you to return we are enjoying getting to know the island again with all the sights, sounds and beauty, that are literally on our doorstep.

The Children are back at school and in the main seem to have settled back into their routine, which has put some sort of ‘normality’ in our lives.

Nothing will be the same again though, until you return.

As has become expected our latest COVID figures are ……..

* Information as reported 15/10/2020

Other interesting things, we are busying ourselves with developing strong relationships with Agents from other parts of the world who can provide potential Buyers for those of you who wish to sell.

We are also interested to know other ways of how can we help you, given that you are finding it difficult to visit the island, for varying reasons.

Do let us know what services we can offer to you, for example ….

We can take care of any of the aforementioned,
or any other requests that you have.

Contact us for more information on these Services.

As usual we are enclosing lots of our latest photos of places we have discovered / rediscovered here in the South and even some more adventurous areas to remind you of what you have to look forward to when you finally visit.

Recent additions to our portfolio, you will find below …


Keep checking our Facebook posts, stay in touch, send us a message now and again and let us know when you are planning your next visit.

On that note it only remains for us to wish you well, stay safe everyone, look after yourselves and come and see us as soon as you can.

Until the next time …….  Adios!

Please feel free to contact us for more information,
or with general enquiries about Buying or Selling Property in Tenerife

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From UK: 0845 862 1634