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Welcome to the latest edition of the Tenerife Property Shop newsletter.

Here in Tenerife, Spring has most definitely sprung; with sunny, warm evenings full of prolonged light and the mouth-watering aroma of lit BBQ’s filling the air as the sun sets. As we enjoy our grilled chicken and salad (no offence veggie/vegan community: TOFU sold in all good supermarkets), it actually feels like Summer has arrived early, and whilst we do not want to wish our lives away, and should be taking advantage of the quieter beaches, and the highest level of available parking spaces in Tenerife since biblical times, its fair to say that after close to 18 months of loneliness, there is an element of thought amongst all of us here of “we have been patient but enough is enough, we need to get our tourists back and let the good times roll”.

The list of arrivals at Aeropuerto Reina Sofia slowly grows, week on week, and we remain hopeful that this trend will continue, as we draw closer to the Summer months.

The main headline in the media this week has been in relation to the proposed Super League within European football, and the backlash has been huge. However, it inspired us to share something with you, as we regularly devise a Tenerife Property Shop league table of our own. Our Super League is far less controversial, but does have a familiar football feel to it, with Germany leading the field, and the English full of early promise and expectation, but coming up short once again.

*info from flight radar and correct for week up to 24/04/2021

We, as a company, monitor the arrivals board at Tenerife South airport on a regular basis, as it is a great but very simple insight as to who is arriving, and from where. As result, we are constantly switching our advertising campaigns and re-allocating our marketing budget to different market-places, thus ensuring we are keeping up with any major swings that take place, in terms of who is hot right now, and most likely to make that jump to become a property owner in the sun. Luckily, we are a multi-lingual team, and are therefore not signing up for new language classes every week.

The European vaccine rollout finally seems to be gaining momentum and Tenerife is no different, with two new vaccination points having been opened this week, which will surely speed up the number of jabs administered within the local community. Of course, health is paramount for everyone, but as a vaccinated island we will all feel safer and hopefully the Canarian Government will be more open to allowing visitors, from all nations, into the island to enjoy Tenerife again.

The local Town Halls in the South all seem to be in a proactive mood, with various improvements taking place in the municipalities, and considerable investment being made, as they ready themselves for the return of tourism. The Town Halls are also beginning to start their summer marketing campaigns to promote their own municipalities within the international tourism sector, and some of the smaller towns have also seized the initiative as they look to drive visitors to their area.

There is a misconception amongst a few prospective purchasers we have spoken to, that the property market in Tenerife is in dire straits, and this is not true. Whilst there may be opportunities for savvy investors and the possibility of acquiring a property for a lesser price than January 2020, pre-Covid19, the consensus amongst our vendors is that they will wait to see how the property market performs in the second semester of 2021 before making any huge reductions in their price or listening to any “crazy offers”.

The clients that are managing to find their way to Tenerife to view properties are serious and full of intent, and the conversion rate from being a prospective purchaser to signing a purchase contract, and paying a 10% deposit, is very high and the property market is still moving.

History has taught us that after pandemics, crises and recessions, there normally follows an economic boom, as thousands of people look to realign their lives, expedite major life decisions and generally seek change. It is fair to say that many people have suffered financial difficulties during the Covid-19 pandemic, however, there also appears to be a growing number of people all over Europe who have accumulated some extra wealth over the last year and a half, largely due to them receiving an income similar to times of normality but finding, rather frustratingly, that they have had no real opportunity to spend their hard-earned cash due to multiple lockdowns and various restrictions.

The feeling is, once the good people of Europe are finally unshackled from their chains of Covid19, the want and need to spend money and maybe even invest in a property that will enable them to live or own a holiday home in the sunshine, will be too difficult to resist, and who could argue with anyone who wishes to swap their coats and wellington boots for swimwear and flip flops. You only live once!

For those of you who have been following our newsletter regularly, you will notice that we always include some photographs of various parts of the island, and the feedback we receive for this is always positive. All of the team chip in with the photographs but one particular member of the team is our chief explorer, and spends many a weekend lost in the mountains. Next month, we will reveal who it is … but for now please enjoy the wonders of our stunning island, and maybe next time you are here in Tenerife, you too can visit these beauty spots. However, try to keep it to yourself, as our intrepid photographer likes his/her peace and quiet.

Join us next month to find out which one of us it is, and see where he/she visits next.

We know many of you currently feel cut off from Tenerife, and any contact with your favourite Island is welcomed, so if there is anything that you would like to know or see, drop us an email and, if possible, we will try and include the content in our next newsletter.

That is all for this month. We hope you have enjoyed hearing from us, and we look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully seeing you again soon, very soon.

Take care, stay safe.

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