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People can sometimes be forgiven for assuming that the town of Amarilla Golf in San Miguel De Abona is all fairways, greens and little white balls, but if you dig a little deeper you will soon discover there is more to this coastal town in the South of Tenerife than meets the eye. With further investment and infrastructure currently being injected into the area, from both the local authority and private investors, it is starting to feel like owning a property, or purchasing a property, in this locality is the golfing equivalent of a hole in one!

For those familiar with Amarilla Golf, you will know, that the area is located directly next to the popular resort of Golf Del Sur and access between the two towns is via 2 link roads that cross the Barranco del Saltadero. Construction is currently taking place to add a third link road which will include two lanes, one in each direction, a pedestrian pathway and a cycle lane.

The intention is to improve the accessibility between the two tourist areas and encourage the use of bicycles.


There is also hope that local transport links will now be established in Amarilla Golf as a direct result of the new link road, whereas in the past, those residing in Amarilla Golf would need to travel to Golf Del Sur to catch the bus or the "guagua" as it is known in the Canaries.

In addition to the connection enhancements, major work has also begun on improving the promenade of Amarilla Golf. The current rugged pathway sits between the far stretching fairways of the golf course that gaze up to the glorious national park of Mount Teide and the San Miguel Marina, which offers a fabulous location to enjoy a cool refreshment in a stylish bar, sat atop of the harbour master’s office, where one can watch the marine world go by and listen to the breeze as it tantalises the sails and masts of the armada bobbing below.


New walkways are currently in construction, which once complete will be flourishing with plants and flowers all natural to Tenerife but most importantly the vast improvements will ensure the frontline is accessible to all and we can all enjoy the rocky coves and natural habitat that sits below and marvel at the dramatic spray of the Atlantic Ocean coming face to face with the craggy shoreline.

The idea behind the beach is that Golf Del Sur and Amarilla Golf, will soon be able to offer both residents and guests alike, an alternative leisure activity to the communal pools that feature in all the hotels and developments in both locations but above all else, they will finally be able to provide a safe swimming and bathing environment, in what can sometimes be a hazardous surrounding for those not familiar with this stretch of the Ocean and the underlying power the sparkling sea can possess.

The new beach will offer a solarium, toilet facilities, showers, waste baskets and of course no beach would be complete without a sun bed and an umbrella.


All the aforementioned projects carry a total investment amount of three million euros, which is the largest investment made in the areas for many years and illustrates the desire to show that there is more to this little pocket of greenery than just Golf.

There are also some other new and exciting projects happening in Amarilla Golf but we will save them for next time…. We cannot tell you all our secrets now can we?

If you are looking to purchase or sell a property in the Amarilla Golf area, please call us today and we will be more than happy to help!


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