Pre-qualifying for a Mortgage

If you are likely to need a mortgage for the purchase of your property in Tenerife, then the time to think about it is before you actually start your property search. There’s nothing more disheartening than falling in love with your dream home, only to discover a problem putting together the financial package.

Having a mortgage offer in your hand before you start your search will give you an absolutely clear idea of your budget before you start, and will mean that you can put a serious offer down for a property as soon as you see it, without waiting precious days for a mortgage to be approved, and potentially losing the property to another buyer.

Pre-qualifying for a mortgage is a simple process. It can be done even before you leave home, to come to Tenerife and it is a free service that we provide. Fill in the form online by clicking the link for a mortgage prequalification form below.

The pre-qualification process can take up to ten days during busy periods, so it is best to send it to us a couple of weeks before your date of travel.

Mortgage Pre Qualification Form