Booming Tenerife!

Booming Tenerife!

Tenerife is once again very busy with the numbers of tourists on the island. This summer is once again turning out to be a boom-time for tourism in Tenerife compared with the past couple of years, with good news coming in from all directions!

Tourism is the lifeblood of the Tenerife economy. The income generated feeds through to support almost every other business on the island either directly or indirectly. The more tourists there are, more of everything gets sold… including property.

With a 15% rise in the number of airline seats booked out this summer, the difference is already making a positive impact. Travel bookings have soared, and travel websites such as report increases in bookings to Tenerife up as much as 300% for the summer.

Official statistics show a sudden rise from last month, when the airports reported an 8.6% growth in passengers from abroad. Much of this rise is due to increased flights from low cost operators such as

Property sales in Tenerife, have been experiencing a welcome injection of new buyers from the growth in visitors and the rental market is proving to be a real bonus for those owners who wish to get an income from their property in addition to enjoyment of usage.

Surveys from the Tenerife Chamber of commerce report that Tenerife's businesses have the highest levels of confidence since the recession set in and the most welcome increase in tourism shows that the confidence is justified.

For those of us who live on the island, it's great to see the bars and restaurants doing better business and the most popular beaches overflowing. The future looks very bright as Tenerife appears to be leading the rest of Spain in moving from recession to boom.