Beat the end of Summer Blues

Beat the End of Summer Blues

We all get the end of summer blues, especially those of us who live in northern Europe.  The weather closes in, the rain starts its endless drizzle and the sun becomes a distant memory.  There’s not much to look forward to as each tomorrow promises only darker mornings and shorter days.  But what is the best way to defend your health and morale against this descent into darkness?

It’s natural to become sad in September.  Since we were young our annual clocks have been set by the school year and September means ‘back to school’; the end of freedom.  Shorts and T shirts are exchanged for overcoats.  We switch the heating back on.  Windows clamp shut.  We are mentally and physically preparing for hibernation.

Even our health suffers from a lack of sunshine.  Vitamin D is essential to us, and all sorts of problems, from depression to lung cancer, have been linked to a lack of sun.  And, of course the end of summer heralds the season of coughs, sneezes and dribbly noses.  It’s no wonder that misery increases with the lack of sunshine.

We have spoken to many holiday home buyers over the years and it is surprising how many of them purchase a property in Tenerife for just this reason.  One couple, from Manchester who have just upgraded their property from an apartment to a villa swear by it, “It’s a fix that works better than anything you’ll find in the medicine cabinet.  A regular dose of sun lifts the spirits and several doses, spread over the Autumn and Winter, keeps the morale up and the mind positive.”

With this in mind, it is no surprise to learn that the busiest period for property sales in Tenerife starts in the Autumn and the high season continues through the winter months.  This is because Tenerife (and the other Canary Islands) are the only places in Europe that really can guarantee winter sun.  Tenerife is a short flight away from mainland UK and Ireland, with budget flights from many regional airports.  That makes getting a dose of sun pretty easy and property owners find it a short, convenient hop that makes for a perfect long weekend booster for their morale.