Choosing where to live in Tenerife

Choosing where to live in Tenerife is where any property search should start. The right area can make so much difference to the type of life you lead in Tenerife, and what you get out of it.

For most people who come from other parts of Europe, where the winters are so cold, the most important thing is the weather. Tenerife’s weather varies across the island. The North is colder and wetter, while the south is more likely to guarantee sun. So the south tends to be the natural choice for Europeans buying on the island.

Within the south, the weather also varies. The topography of Tenerife means that there are micro-climates in some areas which make them sunnier or warmer than others. Because Tenerife has a mountainous interior, the further away you are from the coast, the greater the altitude. This also has an effect on temperature, and a few kilometres can make the difference of a degree or two. Some people prefer the weather to be slightly cooler, especially in the summer.

Facilities and amenities are also important, and your needs will vary depending on whether your property is to be your permanent home or used for holidays. The coastal resorts are packed with things to do, and most amenities will be within walking distance. This is ideal if you want a holiday home, but even within that area you have the main resort towns with all the razzmatazz and the golf course towns which also have all the facilities, but are generally less frantic.

Slightly further inland, you will really need a car to reach many of the places you need and this may be inconvenient if you have to rent a vehicle on each visit. It is also possible to find some places that are close to the coast, but also have good amenities for a permanent resident, but these areas may be more expensive.

Your budget will define the area you can buy in, of course. As you would expect, prices vary with areas. We will be able to explain the differences in price as well as the advantages and disadvantages of any particular location.

Tenerife has a rich variety, both in the types of property and areas. It is a small island, and most places in the south that you are likely to consider will only be a few minutes’ drive from each other. Nonetheless, finding exactly the right type of property in the most suitable area will involve weighing up lots of different factors, and it is important that you get the right advice to guide your choice of property in Tenerife.