Back to Basics: Tenerife Lifestyle

Back to Basics: Tenerife Lifestyle

With all the hullabaloo of recessions, economies, property prices and exchange rates, it’s easy to lose sight of the basic reason why we buy property in Tenerife in the first place. It’s the reason why Tenerife is, and always will be, a good investment and the reason why our population continues to expand. Tenerife is just a great place to be.

Global Dawning

Global Dawning

Property pundits have yet to wake up to the implications of global warming, but it is only a matter of time until it dawns on them.  When that happens, it will become evident that today’s darlings of the overseas property market – Spain, Dubai. Bulgaria, Portugal and all the rest, will be in the news for different reasons.

Hot Property? No thank you

Hot Property?  No Thank You

The reasons why people buy property on Tenerife are generally directly, or indirectly, attributable to our sub-tropical climate.  The weather has had a big part to play in the development and prosperity of this island, and it looks like it is going to be an even more important factor in the future.  The surprising reason for this is climate change brought about by global warming.

Beat the end of Summer Blues

Beat the End of Summer Blues

We all get the end of summer blues, especially those of us who live in northern Europe.  The weather closes in, the rain starts its endless drizzle and the sun becomes a distant memory.  There’s not much to look forward to as each tomorrow promises only darker mornings and shorter days.  But what is the best way to defend your health and morale against this descent into darkness?

Choosing where to live in Tenerife

Choosing where to live in Tenerife Choosing where to live in Tenerife is where any property search should start. The right area can make so much difference to the type of life you lead in Tenerife, and what you get out of it. For most people who come from other parts of Europe, where the […]

Tenerife Weather

Tenerife Weather In the same way that Florida is known as the Sunshine State of the United States of America, so Tenerife is now being recognised as the Sunshine Island of the United Countries of Europe. Growing in popularity as a haven away from the cares of the western world, this sub-tropical island of perpetual […]