5 Festive Reasons to Own a Holiday Home in Tenerife

5 Festive Reasons to Own a Holiday Home in Tenerife

Owning a second home in Tenerife means many things to many people.  But at Christmas, holiday home owners have more reasons to celebrate than most.  Here are the five best reasons for owning a holiday home in Tenerife.

1.    Because of the weather

Tenerife is about as far South on the political map of Europe as you can get, and that means more winter sun than anywhere else.  Escaping the stuffy, centrally heated indoor life and the dark drizzly days is most Tenerife second home owner’s number one reason for buying a property on the island.  And if you miss the snow, a quick drive up to the Winter Wonderland of Mount Teide to build a snowman, followed by an afternoon at the beach with some crushed ice in your cocktail should satisfy your festive needs.

2.    Because of the money

Ever tried finding a hotel room in Tenerife over Christmas, or an apartment to let?  Forget it!  The island is sold out at Christmas and that’s great news if you own a second home in Tenerife because not only is finding an eager holidaymaker a doddle, but Christmas holiday rental prices bring a seasonal bonanza.  So even if you can’t spend Christmas in your Tenerife home, it can be a great money spinner just when some extra income will come in handy!

3.    Because it’s so cheap!

It doesn’t matter if the Pound is weak, a Tenerife Christmas can save you bundles.  Second home owners often come out to the island for a month or more at Christmas, which means they travel on either side of the rush.  Right now, you can pick up Monarch tickets from the UK coming to Tenerife in mid December for just 1 Cent and return back in January for the same price!!  And once you are there, you’re still saving money.  Ever tried to eat a Christmas dinner out in the UK?  Tenerife will serve your turkey dinner up for a fraction of the price.

4.    Because you can keep the good bits

Christmas is such a commercial event in many places that you feel that all those advertisers are ramming it down your throat.  Not so in Tenerife.  There’s no mad rush here, and no pressure.  You can have your traditional Christmas Dinner, or you can try something different.  Tenerife allows you the luxury of picking and choosing the bits that make your Christmas perfect.

5.    Because its still home

When you own a second home in Tenerife, it’s just that: your home.  You don’t have to feel like you’re in some strange hotel room, or an apartment that you rented.  Festoon the walls, put up the tree, hang the mistletoe and get new batteries for your Singing Santa.  Get the family round and pull out the monopoly board, you’re home for Christmas!