Tenerife Property Guide to Buying

Tenerife is a sub-tropical island of huge variety, with landscapes ranging from the snowy peak of mount Teide to the golden beaches of the south, warmed by the sun twelve months of the year.  It is no surprise that so many people choose to invest in this piece of paradise and this is a Tenerife property guide designed for them.

The Hub of Tenerife’s Property Market

For more than two decades, the company has been helping buyers, not just to buy property in Tenerife, but providing them with a tailored, all embracing service that helps them every step of the way.  We take enormous pride in our after sales service, helping clients even years after their purchase, providing the service and security that only an organisation with the highest levels of integrity can offer.  Perhaps that’s why clients keep coming back to TENERIFE PROPERTY SHOP for their second, third and sometimes their fourth purchase.  And perhaps that’s why we also attract so much vendor loyalty, with such a large proportion of our portfolio sold exclusively.  Through the strength of our reputation, we have grown to become the hub of the property market on the island, offering the largest portfolio of properties.

A Property Guide from Dedicated Professionals

TENERIFE PROPERTY SHOP monitors the property market on a daily basis.  Based on continual current analysis and years of experience, we are the best source of advice on investment properties suitable for buy to let investors, off plan investments and golf developments, as well as mortgages and conveyancing issues.  TENERIFE PROPERTY SHOP’s regular market reports and analyses are published in a wide range of newspapers and magazines.  The company are the primary resource for journalists requiring information about the property market in Tenerife.  Our statistics and analysis are used in publications such as The Times, The Independent, The Daily Mail and the Financial Times.

International Award Winners

Despite retaining all the advantages of a family company, TENERIFE PROPERTY SHOP have been continually publicly recognised for the quality of our service on the international stage.  Winner of over twenty international property awards and accolades, including ‘Best Spanish Real Estate Agent’ – we have a most enviable record.  The key to this success is the very personalised service we offer to each individual client.

Branches throughout the South

TENERIFE PROPERTY SHOP has offices throughout the south of the island.  Such a wide spread of conveniently placed offices contributes to the high level of properties being marketed… simply because we are everybody’s local agent.  It also makes life easier for you.  Wherever you are, there’s a TENERIFE PROPERTY SHOP office near by.

Passionate about the Island

Whether you are looking for a finca in the countryside, a sea front villa or a holiday apartment, TENERIFE PROPERTY SHOP will be able to help you.  The Directors and team have lived and worked in Tenerife for many years acquiring a wealth of knowledge and expertise, over more than two decades.  We are passionate about the island and its way of life and we are eager to share it with our clients.  There is no better place to start your search for a property in Tenerife.

The ‘Essential Tenerife Property Guide to Buying’

The TENERIFE PROPERTY SHOP, S.L. “Essential Tenerife Property Guide to buying” is produced to help you, the prospective purchaser, to understand a little more about the procedures and perhaps relieve some of the misunderstanding and doubt about investing in property. The information and guidance that it contains is not intended to substitute for skilled professional personal assistance, which should always be sought before any action is taken with regard to finding and purchasing a property.

You can get a hard copy of the Essential Tenerife Property Buing Guide in person from any of our offices