The Almond Blossom Route

The Almond Blossom Route is a tradition here in Tenerife and
takes place when the trees are in full bloom,
normally at the end of January through to March.

Now in its 23rd year, the annual Almendros en Flor occurrence in Santiago del Teide
is a hugely popular walk for tourists and residents alike.

The volcanic soil surrounding this area creates the perfect environment for the
blossoms to flourish, creating not only beautiful natural scenery,
but also filling the air with a unique scent which has to be experienced.

The 9 kilometre (5 1/2 mile) walk sets off from of the Plaza de la Iglesia in Santiago del Teide
and finishes in the Centro Alfarero Cha Domitila, in Arguayo.

It is a walk of medium difficulty, and takes approximately 4 1/2 hours,
so walking shoes, comfortable attire are essential,
as well as taking drinking water and sun protection.

If this seems a bit extreme, you can join the walk in El Calvario de los Baldios, Valle de Arriba,
which cuts the trip down by half.

For more information on the walks available follow the link here:

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