Spanish view on Brexit

The Spanish view on Brexit

Many of our potential purchasers have some concern regarding the Spanish view on Brexit and how this could affect people who have purchased property in Spain and its island territories, so a recent meeting between Theresa May and Mariano Rajoy is of significant interest.

Spanish view on Brexit, Tenerife Property Shop
The prime minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy has asked his British counterpart, Theresa May to ensure that the Brexit process is swift and painless and does not make life difficult for Spaniards in the UK or Brits in Spain.
He says he hopes the UK and Spain can continue to enjoy their existing close relationship. This is positive and it is good for British property investors to know the Spanish view on Brexit.
Mr Rajoy and Mrs May spoke for 20 minutes at the Grand Master Palace in Valletta, Malta where they attended a summit of European Union leaders, but at which no reporters or photographers were allowed in at the express request of the British government.
They spoke about the UK's departure from the EU and Mrs May reportedly reiterated to Mr Rajoy that she would trigger Article 50 before March was out.
Mr Rajoy, who approached Mrs May as soon as he arrived at the Valletta summit venue at 09.10 on Friday the 3rd February 2017, wanted to give her the Spanish view on Brexit and pleaded with the British premier that he wanted the European situation to remain the same, for general areas of negotiation to be established as soon as possible and for agreed actions to be carried out by the EU's Brexit leader Michel Barnier.
Mr Rajoy summed up the Spanish view on Brexit by urging Mrs May to ensure the negotiations were dealt with swiftly, via 'constructive and positive approximations', and with the priority issue being not to harm Spaniards living in Britain or Brits living in Spain.