So pleased with what has been achieved

Hi Damian:
Arrived safely back yesterday tea-time.
Just about had time to draw breath after what was a bit of a whirlwind ten days! We are so pleased with what has been achieved when we were beginning to lose the will to live. Yes, we have spent more than originally intended but we have a property which we both love and without any problems. The pictures we have shown friends over the last 24 hours have received so many favourable comments – we know we will not be short of visitors once we take up residence!
We want to take this opportunity to thank you properly for your help during our recent visit and for staying the course since we first met at the end of last year. I'm not always the most laid-back client you will have or even the easiest to please (OK, both gross understatements) so staying the course is, in itself, an achievement. Successfully closing a deal is a fantastic achievement!!!! We do appreciate all your help.
We have a mutitude of questions about arranging utilities, taxes etc etc, but these can wait until we are back down to earth and we are closer to having a final date for us taking entry to the property.Regards
Eric & Lyndsey