Recommended to TPS

Dear Lee,
During the past eight years we have purchased three properties through Tenerife Property Shop and we are so pleased that a friend recommended us to the company. You said to me that 65% of the business that Tenerife Property Shop does, comes by way of recommendation and I can perfectly understand why.
We are involved in the property market back home and of course there are occasions when there is no option but to sell. Whilst we would have preferred to retain our investments in Tenerife, you managed to sell two of our properties for us during a very difficult market, which was a tremendous help and resolved a cash flow problem that we had at the time.
Having survived the crisis, we subsequently decided to reinvest in Tenerife once again and approached you to find us a similar apartment to those we had sold. Not only did you succeed in doing that, you actually found one for us that was approximately 30% cheaper than our original purchase price, which in theory means that we should make an excellent profit should we decide to sell again in the future.
I would like to thank you, Damian and Steve for your combined efforts in helping us to achieve the best possible results from our property investments over the years and also thanks to Laurence and Elena for their very competent pre and after sales servicing.
I have no hesitation in keeping the tradition going and recommending Tenerife Property Shop to anybody who has any interest in investing in property in Tenerife.
Once again, thanks to you all.
Best wishes,
John Scobie, Scotland