Letter to editor Tenerife News

Dear Sir I always read your letters page with great interest, but I have a criticism! It seems that people are only motivated to put pen to paper when they have a gripe, so I thought I would redress the balance by putting forward my point of view. I love Tenerife, and so does my family! And we’re not ashamed to admit it. I first bought a property on the island a few years ago, on a complex in the then little known area of Amarilla Golf. It’s only a one bedroom apartment, but my family and I have been enjoying several holidays a year and when we get back to the cold, grey UK, we find ourselves immediately planning our next trip out. We have now decided to buy a bigger place on the new Palm Ridge development between Golf del Sur and Amarilla Golf, which is handy for the new road being built between the two. Surrounded by golf courses, views to the sea and Teide… this is paradise for us! Better still, we are using a ‘trade up’ plan from Tenerife Property Shop, so we will continue to use our current apartment until they have finished building our ‘dream home’. Where else can you do that? People here seem to put thought and effort into making our lives as easy and stress free as possible. We have found people so accommodating and helpful on Tenerife. The island is beautiful with so much to do. As the kids get older, we explore different aspects of what is on offer here, and every holiday we have spent has been different. As our kids grow up, memories of Tenerife which we will all cherish and share are made with every visit we make. Thank you Tenerife. Martin Beasly Amarilla Golf