Helped us every step of the way!

After purchasing a property through your business I would like to say a few words of thanks.
When coming to Tenerife in June this year we were recommended by two different people to ring your shop or go to the shop in San Blas and ask for Neil
So we took a trip to San Blas, and asked for him, the Lady in the office took our number and arranged for him to call us. (this was about mid day)
He did and before the end of the day we were looking at 5 different properties.
One of which we liked and started the ball rolling.
Neil contacted the vendor and we made an offer. He did every thing very quickly, as we were returning to the UK the next day.
Once back in the UK we were contacted by Neil who introduced us to Elena as he was going to be away for a few days.
When my Mortgage fell through in the UK. Elena was there for us and sorted one for us in Tenerife
To say that Neil and Elena were helpful would be an under statement They were always there and helped us every step of the way.
When last in Tenerife we went in to San Blas office to collect directions for the Notary's office. There were 2 people talking about a property to buy. As my experience has been so good I told them that they would not find a better estate agent to deal with and have no hesitation in recommending you.
I hope that you pass on my thanks to Neil and Elena while telling them how impressed I am with their totally professional approach and dedication they have towards their customers. We have a business in the UK which employs 6 people and can only hope that our staff show the same traits as yours.
My son and I are the proud new owners.
Thanks again!
Yours sincerely
Geoff & Asa Brodie