Happy customers

To : Lee Roberts Tenerife Property Shop Tenerife
From : Luc & Betty Vangeel Rombaut Amarilla Golf
Dear Lee,
It was a real pleasure to see you in our renewed/refurbished holiday and we hope you enjoyed the Dolce Gusta coffee.
I gladly have to admit that our purchase has been – what we could call – kind of a success story and you and TPS may consider us as happy customers.
Indeed, mid August 2011 we mailed 10 inquiries including a tender document in english and dutch (list with requirements) to a number of companies in Tenerife to our surprise 4 only responded ! (not interested & or ?)
Beginning of September we flew over & met with you & and having in mind what we wanted to spend (within a pre-destinated budget) as well what location we would like to enjoy a number of months in the year, we quite fast came to conclusions & attractive and quite location, investmentwise a good price (no hangover after the deal), leaving room (budgetwise) for upgrading the place = making/refurbishing it to our own requirements/standards (which was done meanwhile)
The deal itself, considering the favourable £/¬ exchange rate (at that time) was  a piece of cake J
We would like to thank you for your kindness and for guiding us through the difficult choice of possibilities & dispite the fact as you know, we had already a quite clear idea of what we exactly wanted.
Our thanks to Bruce and his team for all the assistance, guiding us through the purchase process, the massive paperwork as well as for the smooth transfer of property.
I wish to emphasize I was happely surprised by the way TPS is operating and managed & very efficient, to the point, promptly responding to questions/queries, but most of all & it s not a  company as such & it s  people & who are the key to success and that s why your company is successful.
It was nice doing business with you ! Thanks alsof for bringing us in contact with trustworthly and hard working people.
Look forward to seeing you again & maybe a new challenge is waiting & see you in september …
Kind regards
Luc & Betty