Buy a holiday home in Tenerife

7 Reasons why you should buy a holiday home in Tenerife More and more people are buying holiday homes in Tenerife, and the property market is experiencing its most busy period in years. Of course, one of the main reasons for this growth in numbers of buyers is that the island is becoming increasingly well […]

El Madronal

Area: El Madronal El Madronal is located adjacent to the TF1 motorway in the south of the island. The area is made up of apartment and villa complexes and is probably most well known for the popular Gran Sur shopping Center being on its door step. This shopping center offers some great restaurants, cafes, fashion […]

A New Year’s Res-solution

A New Year’s Res-solution

As the New Year approaches, it’s natural to start thinking about how to better your life in the coming year. Spending more time with family and friends, enjoying life more and learning something new are all popular resolutions in January, and if these are some of your goals then your timing couldn’t be better! Owning a home in the sun is the New Year’s solution to all of these wishes, but if you don’t act now, you’ll regret it as the economies pick up pace in 2011.

Ray of Sunshine

Ray of Sunshine

You totted up your savings, shook your head and kept dreaming.  But with the recession still squeezing property prices in Tenerife, the cost of turning dreams into reality means that more and more people can afford to find their paradise in the sun!  This month we have a heart warming story of how a property purchase changed one couple’s life.

Top 10 Travel Tips for Oversas Property Owners

Top 10 Travel Tips for Foreign Property Owners

If you are a foreign property owner then check out these 10 tips that will save you time and money when you visit your holiday home overseas.

Beat the end of Summer Blues

Beat the End of Summer Blues

We all get the end of summer blues, especially those of us who live in northern Europe.  The weather closes in, the rain starts its endless drizzle and the sun becomes a distant memory.  There’s not much to look forward to as each tomorrow promises only darker mornings and shorter days.  But what is the best way to defend your health and morale against this descent into darkness?

Tenerife Property Owners at risk

Tenerife Property Owners at risk New legislation which came into force in January affects British foreign property owners in Tenerife.  The new Rome II regulations affect cross border legal disputes and leaves foreign property owners open to public liability challenges from the UK.  Over 90% of British overseas property owners are now under insured, and […]

Reduce your mortgage costs

Reduce your mortgage costs One thing we all want to do is to reduce our mortgage costs, but it used to be difficult to swap lenders in Tenerife because of the costs involved.  Changes in law have made it much cheaper to remortgage a property.  However, even though it has become easier to reduce costs […]

Property purchasers receiving non-competitive exchange rates from greedy banks

  Property purchasers receiving non-competitive exchange rates from greedy banks.   Suspicions that banks are clawing in every penny they can are confirmed by statistics which indicate that British overseas property buyers were not given decent service by banks and other currency providers, such as bureaux de change offices, to the tune of hundreds of […]

Glossary of Spanish terms

Glossary of Spanish terms A short dictionary of useful words associated with buying, selling and owning property in Tenerife.   SPANISH ENGLISH Abogado Lawyer, solicitor Administrador de la comunidad de propietarios Administrator of the community of owners Apartamento Apartment API-Agentes de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria Estate agent belonging to the official   organization of estate agents. […]