Reduce your mortgage costs

Reduce your mortgage costs One thing we all want to do is to reduce our mortgage costs, but it used to be difficult to swap lenders in Tenerife because of the costs involved.  Changes in law have made it much cheaper to remortgage a property.  However, even though it has become easier to reduce costs […]

The Mortgage

The Mortgage Recent market changes have made it easier than ever to buy a property in Tenerife, despite the economy.  Whereas previously an aspiring buyer could just about scrape together sixty percent of the cost of a property from mortgages, nowadays lenders are putting together financial packages that mean almost anyone can benefit from property […]

Moving Currencies

Moving Currencies You will normally pay for your property in Euros, although some vendors prefer sterling. Your bank may seem to be the obvious choice; but the rates they offer tend to be relatively expensive. In recent years, specialist foreign exchange companies have become increasingly user friendly and offer more favourable rates. Due to the […]