Golf Bounces Back

Golf Bounces Back… and Investors Reap the Rewards

While many rental property investors in Tenerife have been feeling the recession pinch, golf home owners have already seen the end of the dip. Some of the biggest winners in the post-recession comeback are those who rent out properties in the Golf del Sur and Amarilla Golf areas.

Tenerife Royal Gardens

Tenerife Royal Gardens Tenerife Royal Gardens is situated on the beach front, between Los Cristianos and Playa de Las Americas.  The area is referred to locally as the Tenerife Golden Mile because of the great shopping and concentration of excellent restaurants. Landscaped public areas surround an impressive swimming pool, creating the perfect environment to relax, […]

Think Again

Think Again

It cannot have escaped your notice; the fresh breeze of positive thinking is starting to blow away the stale, musty smell of doom and gloom.  Here, there, everywhere, people are talking recovery, growth and confidence.  You can hear it, feel it, smell it.  You may have adapted to the recession and survived it, but now its time to think again.

Court Makes Eviction Easier

Court Makes Eviction Easier The Tribunal Supremo in Madrid has ruled on the controversial issue of non payment of rent and eviction.  Up till now, non payment of rent did not necessarily involve the eviction of the tenant, however the new ruling states that if the tenant is late with a second payment then this […]

Private Rentals do better than hotels in Tenerife

Private Rentals do better than hotels in Tenerife When times are tough, we still all need a holiday.  It is a sign of the times that many people’s holiday budgets are more strained, but this is working to the benefit of property owners in Tenerife. In contrast to most of the doom and gloom reports […]

Property Lettings Boom

Property Lettings Boom So the property boom has ended… or has it?  It may be that the values of property have come down, but people still need to live somewhere, recession or not.  As buyers wait until the market picks up (and they can purchase property at a higher price), property lettings are having their […]

Successful Letting: Making your Investment Pay

Successful Letting in Tenerife: Making your Investment Pay One of the keys to successful property investment is rental income. In this article we are going to look at how successful investors maximise this revenue, and the pitfalls that the rest of us should avoid. Of course the first thing is to find the right property […]

Why is Tenerife so good for rental investors?

Renting your property Tenerife is ranked as the most popular winter getaway and the repeat visitor ratio is the highest in the whole of Europe. More people return to Tenerife than any other destination. There’s no getting away from it, private holiday rental by owners in the past has been a popular activity. Sky News […]