New Property Law… Energy Efficiency Certificates

New Property Law... Energy Efficiency Certificates What are they? The Energy Efficiency Certificate (also know as an Energy Performance Certificate) is a certified report that explains how efficient a property is in terms of energy consumption and efficiency in an effort to reduce unnecessary carbon emissions. The Energy Efficiency Certificate (Certificado de Eficiencia Energetica) is [...]

Tenerife Agent goes bust: clients unprotected

Tenerife Agent goes bust: clients unprotected Another estate agency that did not offer Professional Indemnity Insurance cover has closed. Lifer Inmobiliaria has suddenly closed its ten offices in the Canaries, trapping hundreds of clients who had already begun the process of buying a property and who had paid a deposit to the firm within the […]

Tenerife Property Owners at risk

Tenerife Property Owners at risk New legislation which came into force in January affects British foreign property owners in Tenerife.  The new Rome II regulations affect cross border legal disputes and leaves foreign property owners open to public liability challenges from the UK.  Over 90% of British overseas property owners are now under insured, and […]

Reduce your mortgage costs

Reduce your mortgage costs One thing we all want to do is to reduce our mortgage costs, but it used to be difficult to swap lenders in Tenerife because of the costs involved.  Changes in law have made it much cheaper to remortgage a property.  However, even though it has become easier to reduce costs […]

Making a will

Making a will Statistics show that people do not like making Wills. It is understandable that people do not like to consider death, but it is irrational not to consider what should happen to your assets should you die, and make sure that your accumulated wealth is distributed in accordance with your wishes. You can […]

Under declaring property values

Under declaring property values One of the most widely accepted tax dodges has had its day.  If you’re considering buying a property on Tenerife now, or in the future, this article may save you thousands of Euros and a great deal of stress.  Up until just a short while ago, the practice of under-declaring the […]

Legal Procedures on Buying

Legal procedures on buying All property sales and purchases in Tenerife must be registered the land registry and the Title Deed (Escritura de Compraventa) must be prepared by a public official called a Notary. This deed is then signed by both the seller and the buyer in the Notary’s presence. A Notary is a lawyer […]

The Purchase Contract

The purchase contract The purchase contract for a resale property in Tenerife will contain details of the vendor and purchaser, the purchase price and method of payment. It will also confirm that the Escritura de Compraventa (Title Deed) is in the name of the vendor and that this will be passed to the purchaser on […]

Legal Advice

Legal advice In these days of DIY culture, many people in the UK successfully conduct their own conveyancing with no problems.  When these same people buy over here, they are often loathe to employ a lawyer to manage the legal procedures.  This can often be a recipe for disaster, because although some transfers can be […]

Making sure you are protected

Making sure you are protected Perhaps it is the warm sun that fries the brains of us northern Europeans, but it seems that many of us seem to throw caution and common sense to the wind when we come to property buying in Tenerife.  We happily slap down thousands of Euros in deposits for properties, […]