Virtual tours sell Tenerife Property

If you’re selling or letting a property in Tenerife, then you will be interested in a new service that is sure to make your property stand out from the crowd.  Flash video presentations are becoming increasingly popular on the web, which is where the huge majority of property buyers (84%) are starting their search nowadays.  Market research indicates that those properties which have virtual tours available are more likely to generate more interest and enquiries than those with just photographs.

A virtual tour allows anyone with internet access and a computer to look around a room or view from anywhere in the world at any time of day.  In the past, however the results have been frankly disappointing, but we are now able to offer a service to create a quality virtual tour of your property, and it couldn’t be easier.

We have negotiated a preferential rate with a professional company who will come to your property, capture the images, create the panoramas, and upload them to a Tenerife Property Shop server.  From there, we will add them to your property details and highlight them on ourwebsite, attracting more visitors. 

You can download the tour and use it wherever you want, or save it on disc.  This is a also great facility if you are letting the property as you can send discs to potential clients.

Designing a virtual tour for the average property (up to 150m2) costs only €99, a tiny investment to make.  But if you are selling your property with Tenerife Property Shop, then we will refund the cost when we sell your home… so it will end up costing nothing!