Tips to sell your Tenerife property

Selling your apartment or house is one of the most important steps you will take and a few simple suggestions will go a long way. The most important decision to make is whether you definitely want to sell your house. Although this might sound like a given, it is not. Some people try to sell their homes before they are ready.

Your first consideration is the price you will accept. Just because Joe, in the same complex, sold his apartment for a high price, this may not mean that you will. Be honest, if it doesn’t have the same sea view, the standard of d’cor … it’s just not going to fetch the same money. You may have seen an advert for a place in your complex for a huge price and use this as your guide. Take care. Some people put a property on the market for an extortionate price ‘just in case’, they are not serious sellers. All they manage to do is to raise vendor expectations in the same complex, and lower actual sales. Properties stay for long periods of time on the market, and buyers wonder what’s wrong with the property and the complex, and so are deterred from arranging a viewing. Talk to your agent. They sell properties every day and should have the best and most current knowledge. They know what your property is in competition with. Tenerife Property Shop, for example, maintains an index of sale values to ensure accuracy. Lastly, don’t put the property on the market for one price, thinking that you might accept a lower offer. Advertise it at the lower price. This will increase the response and sell it quicker. If you have previous experience selling a home, then you can rely in part on the experience and lessons you have learned in the past. But remember that every home selling experience is different because of changes in the market, the particular house you are selling and the area where you are selling.

Once you have decided to sell your house, you need to decide how to proceed. It is important to get your house in order before you take the next step. A good estate agent will give you advice on preparing your house. Don’t be offended when they suggest that the welsh dresser in front of the window with a view should be moved. Choosing an agent is an important decision. Do some research. Check who is advertising the most. Ideally you want the agent to make some guarantees about how much they will advertise your property; if they won’t, find someone that will. You want an agent you can trust who has a reputation of working hard and doing a good job. You and your agent will have a lot of communication, so it is vital that you feel confident in his or her work. Discuss with them how they will go about marketing your property and what resources they have for processing the sale, the contracts and assisting your potential buyer when the offer is made. As with all things, selling your house is a process. Patience is the key. The better prepared and knowledgeable you are from the beginning, the better chance you have for a positive experience.