Property Pictures

It is a great time for buyers of properties in Tenerife right now: there are lots of properties for sale and fewer buyers.  We started to look at ways in which a seller can give themselves the best chance of attracting a buyer.  So now we can assume that you have adapted your home to appeal to the type of buyer you think will be interested, de-cluttered, applied a lick of paint and researched a competitive selling price.  The estate agent is on the phone, and he’s coming around tomorrow to take pictures.

It is difficult to overestimate the value of good photographs.  The photograph is the first impression of your property, and first impressions count.  It is the difference between a buyer deciding to view your property or someone else’s.  The pictures will appear in advertising and on the web and will be carefully scrutinised.  A mediocre photo will put off a buyer and a good one will tip the balance and get them to view your property.  And of course, the more viewings, the greater is the chance of selling. 

So, before that agent gets there, a little preparation is required.  Last week one of our negotiators came back with photos of a perfectly nice bathroom.  Unfortunately, what caught the eye were bottles of shampoo, conditioner and other bathroom miscellanea.  Another picture showed a dining table with jackets draped over chairs and a briefcase in the foreground.  In the bedroom, one bed was unmade, the other simply had a mattress.  I am sure you are starting to get the point.  Get a big cardboard box, put in all your toiletries and hide it in the car!  Remove anything on surfaces or that is lying around and put those in the box too.  Tidy up!

It is even better to go one step further and ‘dress’ your home in Tenerife.  Get some flowers into a vase, and put fruit in a basket: they will brighten the place up and make it look fresh.  Put a bottle of wine and a couple of nice glasses on the table:  encourage the buyer to picture themselves in the lifestyle.  Make sure the picture of your terrace is not simply spartan tiles and sky.  Get a potted plant in the photo, perhaps put a cloth over the plastic table and again, dress it to look warm and inviting so your buyer can imagine themselves right there, soaking up the sun and living the dream.  And take down that washing line!

If you don’t like the photos an agent has taken, then take them again, yourself, and send them along to the agent.  They would prefer to use the best shots they can.  If you are planning to take photos yourself, then bear in mind a few other points.  If you are taking a picture of the view, try to avoid the scaffolding and cranes.  Take them on a sunny day, property looks so much better in the sun.  Put the lights on for internal shots, it will make the room look bigger and more attractive.    Use a longer exposure rather than a flash, which will cast ugly shadows and lose detail.  A wide angle lens will make rooms look bigger, but not too wide or they will look distorted.  Really take care when you look through that viewfinder, don’t be afraid to move around the furniture to get a good shot.  Make sure you don’t get people and pets in the shot.  No matter how sweet you think Fido is.