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Well… here we are again, yes that’s right it has been a whole month since you last heard from us.

The beginning of July started positively, as the doors to Reina Sofia Airport were finally flung open, well maybe flung is too strong a word, how about, gingerly prised open to welcome the first of our intrepid tourists and since those initial visitors touched down on Tierra Firma, there has been a steady increase in arriving flights.

Some countries appear to be far more active in terms of air travel and, it would appear, it is the English that are scrambling around in their garages and lofts, dusting down the suitcases and hurriedly packing their white socks and sandals whilst whistling the song “Viva España”.

istling the song “Viva España”.

Arrivals on the 17th of July were as follows:

  • UK – 14 arrivals (11 England, 2 Scotland, 1 N.Ireland).
  • Germany – 6 arrivals.
  • Gran Canaria – 4 arrivals.
  • Holland – 3 arrivals.
  • Poland – 1 arrival.
  • Belgium – 1 arrival.
  • Spain – 1 arrival.
  • Switzerland – 1 arrival.
  • Czech Republic – 1 arrival.
  • Bulgaria – 1 arrival.
  • France – 1 arrival.
  • Romania – 1 arrival.

35 flights in total (information from AENA website)

Of course, it must be said that quarantine rules, and flight availability, are a hugely important factor to take into account when taking stock of who, and where, would be sun seekers are arriving from, and we are sure that there would be many more “Tenerife lovers” who have polished their maracas and will be looking to get away from their country of residence, as and when the logistics are simpler.

The feedback we have received from people who have arrived here has been very positive, and many have commented that their departure airports, and Tenerife South, were well organised and enforcing all the correct procedures to ensure the safety of all concerned.

It has also been brought to our attention that, for some, flying right now is actually a more pleasant experience than BEFORE the outbreak of Covid19. The airports are naturally quieter, and where once stood an intense amount of hustle, bustle and the odd sprinkling of lunacy, now stands a general sense of sanitised calm, as departure lounges across Europe go all Zen on us.

In addition to Gatwick, Rotterdam, Dusseldorf et al, now being more reflective of Wellbeing centres than super highways of air travel, workers at several airports in various locations have reportedly been finding an increasing number of Male holidaymakers who appear to be in sudden states of ecstasy and euphoria, after having discovered that all the airside shops are closed.

As this new found form of peace in airports will not last forever, and mayhem will surely ensue soon, why not take advantage of the lower than average flight prices and book a ticket to Tenerife today, and let us help you to find your dream home in the Sunshine…

So, now we have established that, for those who are able to travel, it is not too big an ordeal to be overly concerned by, what can you expect when you arrive? Well, we are delighted to announce that last week the President of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, expressed his delight that the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has declared the islands an “especially safe” space for the 21st century and post-pandemic tourism. This is a tremendous achievement and a fabulous reward for the good people of Tenerife and the other islands within our archipelago who, diligently, kept to the rules and made huge sacrifices to ensure that not only would we all remain as healthy as possible, but also that our little piece of rock within the Atlantic Ocean would bounce back as soon as possible from a torrid few months.

To receive such acclamation is not only a huge honour, but it also means that Tenerife is one of the safest places in the world to visit right now, so what better place is there, than here, to own a property. When people are scouring our website, or contacting us, they normally always have a check sheet on hand as to what is important to them and what can potentially be compromised upon…. Sea view, access to a pool, terrace, walking distance to promenade, shops, restaurants and bars are always high on the list, but we have noticed in recent months that “a good outside space” has crept up the list, and in some discussions with prospective purchasers it has become the number 1 priority and surpasses a sea view. We can only attribute this sudden change in preference as a direct result of people being locked away for weeks on end, which is of course a lot more bearable when you have an abundance of sun filled outdoor space to make use of.

See some of our outside space properties below.

The property market is holding firm at present, and economic experts predict that with another Winter season already peeking its head over the shorter days horizon, Tenerife could and should be in for a busy October through until April 2021. The main two theories behind us hopefully experiencing an upturn in fortunes, after a lot of unprecedented misfortune are; there are many people who would normally take 6-8 holidays per year, or maybe even spend a block few months here in Tenerife, who unfortunately haven’t had the opportunity to go on their jollies of late, and are therefore desperate for a change of scenery and a sunny sun lounger. In addition to the aforementioned, there are a growing number of people who have been recently exploring the consoling prospect of being able to secure a property to escape to in a safe-zone, should there be a new wave of pandemics at the end of this year or the beginning of next year, and seeing how well the situation was handled here, has given people a fresh impetus to make that dream a reality.

Finally, you may recall that last month we asked that if anyone had a nice photograph that could compete with our efforts, to send us their photos and we would look at them and pick a winner. Out of the 60 photos we received, we just could not decide between two, so we are pleased to announce the joint winners are ……

Camilla Randell with the very artistic and tranquil photo below:

….. and Anna London, for her summery and colourful photo supporting the NHS:

Thank you to Camilla & Anna, and to everyone who took the time to send us their photographs.

We look forward to hearing from any of you who are either looking to buy or sell a property here in Tenerife, and wish everybody a fabulous 4 weeks, until we arrive in your inbox again next month.

Stay safe.

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