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Good Day All,

Firstly, and most importantly, we sincerely hope that you, your family and friends are all safe and well, and that you are doing your upmost to try and stay that way.

We thought we would give you an update of life here in Tenerife and provide an insight as to how we are occupying ourselves in these strange, unprecedented times and give you our thoughts regarding the future prospects of buying and selling property here.

This may be a communication that is lengthier than normal, but if you are in isolation you have probably got some time on your hands anyway…

As all of you have an affiliation and genuine love for our wonderful island, and we understand that at times such as these you may feel a little cut off from us, both as a company and an Island but please rest assured that we are very much here to offer our continued guidance and support. Both Tenerife Property Shop and Tenerife are not going anywhere, and we will be patiently waiting for your safe return.

We are now in our sixth week of lockdown and as we are sure you can imagine, life here is pretty-bizarre at the moment, at times it is almost surreal, and is actually quite sad.

We must take some time to spare a thought for the thousands of people who have worked so hard over the last month or so, to keep our island and its residents as safe as possible. The doctors, nurses, supermarket staff, waste disposal teams, to mention but a few. All these people deserve a huge amount of respect and having had to work in some of the most difficult and scary conditions, their dedication should be remembered and appreciated for a very long time to come.

We have now been advised that certain sectors can return to work, i.e. construction companies, maintenance companies and some factory workers. Those who can now work again, do so but with restrictions and strict guidelines that must be adhered to, and any company or person failing to abide by these conditions runs the risk of a hefty fine and potentially a subsequent ban from further work related activities.

Statistically the Canary Islands is one of the safest locations to be, as whilst Covid19 runs wild throughout the World, our figures are very low in comparison to Mainland Spain and the rest of Europe, so we have got off lightly to say the least.

We are an island which thrives on tourism and our all year round climate means our doors are always open, but our little piece of rocky paradise in the Atlantic ocean, paints a very different picture from the norm and is currently resembling something of a ghost town. Our streets are empty, the hotels are closed, no bars and restaurants are open for business and we have a very quiet airport, that has only seen the odd expatriation flights come in and out of Tenerife Sur over the last five weeks.

The reality is we cannot keep the gates to the sunshine closed forever and we need the good people of the world flocking back to Tenerife but realistically it is going to be a quiet summer and an unusual few months ahead of us.

We may all be following social distancing rules under the Covid 19 lockdown but that does not mean that property searches or property sales are completely on hold, and we here at Tenerife Property Shop are still working hard to keep the cogs turning as efficiently and safely as possible, working in our homes for the protection of ourselves and others.

We have been working very well from home, keeping in contact with past and current clients and keeping our company prominent on social media. Also, because of the exceptional relationship that we have built up over the past three decades with Notaries and Lawyers, we have actually been able to complete sales that we have in the pipeline, with several transmissions of title deeds being completed during the past four weeks, with more still to come.

We are very pleased that we have been able to achieve this during the lockdown for those of you who previously agreed a sale and purchase, and we are very grateful to the Notary and Lawyers who have put themselves out to achieve this for us in a safe way, without anyone’s health being compromised. This is testimony to the high regard that other professional people hold for our company.

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Despite what some reports say, at the moment sellers have not taken their properties off the market any more than in normal times and seem to be adopting a wait-and-see approach, although obviously with the closure of our offices and potential purchasers not being able to travel, there have been no new sales conducted during the past four weeks plus there has been less new supply coming to the market.

When people are stuck in a home they have outgrown, trying to work remotely while entertaining energetic children, that’s exactly the time when they decide that they really need to make plans to move, or buy a property here in Tenerife, where it is so much safer to be when a new pandemic arises in the future, which surely it will. So, from the second week of lockdown there has been a rise in people browsing properties on our website.

These are unprecedented times, but it must be remembered that it is temporary, and the property market has not been forced to an immediate halt. We must remember that the current situation is not permanent, and we will recover from this.

Latest news from Spanish newspaper, Diario de Avisos:

Good news for the tourism sector and especially for the Canary Islands.
British airline and its tour operator Jet2holidays will resume their
flights and holiday packages on 17 June 2020. Magnificent news with which
TUI has joined in, also having flights scheduled for June, which increases
the hopes of an industry which had already given up on the summer season.

People at the moment have extra time to sit and browse through our website and they may think about a move they had not had the time or inclination to consider previously. Some may even spend the time considering investment opportunities in the property market, as well as the opportunity of an enhanced lifestyle, even if it may only be for part of their year.

So, if your home here is already on the market there is no reason to withdraw it, as it is not really such a bad time to be selling it, as so many people are currently spending their lockdown time browsing our website for the future. It’s also worth noting that the government has not banned property transactions from going through. Our physical offices may be shut for the time being, but we are still open for business, albeit working remotely from home.

Obviously, it is more difficult for us to take on new properties at the moment, as the current social distancing rules mean we cannot visit a new vendor’s property to take photographs and organise a virtual tour for our website.


However, we will still be able to talk to you by telephone to advise you on how much you could list your property for, and we could do a physical viewing once restrictions are lifted. If you have some photos of your property and the development in which it is situated, then email them to us and we could put your property on our website for future buyers to consider. We may then be able to line up some interested parties to view your property once the lockdown is over.

If you receive an offer, there is nothing to stop you negotiating and accepting it, but you do need to be mindful that the process to completion is likely to take longer than usual.

If you have been thinking about investing in a property here for the future, giving you a secure investment over the medium term that will be a lot more stable than stock markets, plus the fact that you can enjoy the property for holidays or living, which you can’t do with stocks and shares, then there are still plenty of things you can do to kick-start your search while in lockdown.

On our website, you can do research on the areas you’re interested in, as our site offers a number of tools enabling you to check out the local areas. You can also check out our mortgage calculator, to get a sense of how much you may be able to borrow, giving you an idea of the price range for your new property. And of course, you can see what properties suit your requirements and budget.

Should a particular property catch your eye whilst you are perusing our website, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to video the property and the surrounding area; with our sales team currently participating in online Steven Speilberg courses, it will be as good as being there yourself.


Reduced by 40,000€
3 Bed Villa
Amarilla Golf
Ref: AMG00523

Reduced by 55,000€
3 Bed Townhouse
Palm Mar
Ref: PM00108

Remember that we are still working and wish to help you in any way that we can. Even though you can’t visit us in our offices at the moment, it is still worth ringing us for a chat (0845 862 1634) about the type of property you’re looking for, as we can give you advice and may have someone who has a property ideal for your circumstances and budget, who are waiting to list that property as soon as the restrictions are lifted.

If you do find a property on our website that seems perfect, you can discuss it with us and we can advise the owner of your interest in arranging a priority viewing when you are physically able to do this. You could even put in an offer for a property if you are satisfied from the photos and a discussion with one of our sales advisors. The conveyancing process is likely to be slower than usual during the lockdown, but you can fix a guaranteed price right now, which may ultimately prove to be a beneficial thing to do, especially if a good price was negotiated for you during the current circumstances.

Although there is negative thought regarding future business activities and a recession, there are a lot of respected people in the property investment industry who consider that it will bring to the forefront of people’s minds the desirability of having a better quality of life and a second home in a safe haven such as Tenerife, away from the cares of the western world.

Whilst the vast majority of people may be wary of investing in stocks and shares, they may consider that an investment in property in the sun is a very good alternative. So, from what we read and hear, perhaps the future for property purchasers after the pandemic is going to be better than originally anticipated and the demand may see property prices increase beyond normal expectations. However, in the meantime whilst the health crisis is in the forefront of people’s minds, there may be some good investments to be had.

If you have managed to read this far, we hope that you have found our thoughts and observations interesting, informative and useful.

We very much look forward to meeting you in the near future, so in the meantime, take care and stay safe!

Best wishes from all of us here in Tenerife Property Shop S.L.

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