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Welcome back to the Tenerife Property Shop newsletter! Apologies for the August disappearing act, but after learning of the quarantine rulings from the Governments of multiple nations, to say we, as an island, were all hugely deflated would be an understatement ….

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Well… here we are again, yes that’s right it has been a whole month since you last heard from us.
The beginning of July started positively, as the doors to Reina Sofia Airport were finally flung open, well maybe flung is too strong a word,

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Hi Everyone.
It may have been an unusual year so far, to say the least, but as we hurtle towards the 20th of June and the official start of Summer, 2020 is showing no sign of slowing down

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We hope you are all well…
Yes that’s right, it is us again, we have put our cocktails down for half an hour to bring you up to speed with la vida en Tenerife.

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Good Day All, Firstly, and most importantly, we sincerely hope that you, your family and friends are all safe and well, and that you are doing your upmost to try and stay that way.

Newsletter March 2020

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Life expectancy in Tenerife

Spain’s life expectancy is currently 83 years and five months, although women in Spain live to …

The Show WILL Go On!

Even the strongest Calima for two decades, could not prevent Santa Cruz from celebrating Carnaval 2020.

Newsletter February 2020

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“Staging” tips to better present your home!

First impressions last, both on screen and off. Your property should be presented so that potential buyers are instantly turned on, not turned off! The Buyer is going to make a decision to whether to view your property, or not, based on a few photographs they see in the newspaper or on the internet, so [...]