Web foils Tenerife property buyers

As increasing numbers of Estate Agents close their doors or reduce to skeleton staff, it has become harder than ever for property buyers to find real information about properties for sale in Tenerife.  Upwards of 80% of buyers now use the internet to search for a home, but they are discovering that the web is riddled with websites of companies that are no longer trading or sites that are rarely updated due to staff shortages.  The few remaining companies that continue to maintain updated sites are seeing an increase in users.

“The internet is becoming a hindrance, rather than a help,” complained one buyer who had wasted many hours in front of his screen.  “You think you have found the right property at the right price, only to discover that it was sold a year ago.  And that’s if you are lucky!  Most times you email and get no answer, and then call to find that the number is not available or diverts to some chancer on the end of a mobile phone.”

With so many sites to weed through, searching on the internet for current and accurate information has deterred many buyers, however statistics from the web reveal that once they do find a site with reliable information, buyers are hooked.  www.TenerifePropertyShop.com, probably the busiest Tenerife Estate agent site has registered a 30% rise in the average time people spend on the website.  Because it is one of the few sites with reliable information, increasing numbers of other websites have been directing their traffic to Tenerife Property Shop’s site in favour of others, resulting in a massive user growth of 83.9% in referrals from other websites.  Properties on www.TenerifePropertyShop.com are connected to the company’s databases, ensuring that the property details are constantly updated and it has become one of the very few resources of accurate information for Tenerife’s property buyers.