Warning! Only deal with Insured Agents

The Tenerife forums are buzzing with tales of lost deposits as another clutch of estate agents in Tenerife have disappeared.  If you do purchase in Tenerife make sure they have Professional Indemnity Insurance.  Our client accounts are underwritten by insurers AIG, guaranteeing complete security to buyers and sellers alike.  It is still incredible to see that people are willing to hand over their hard earned cash to ‘estate agents’ who are completely unregulated and uninsured.  Over the last 12 months so many agents have closed their doors, leaving buyers and sellers short of hundreds of thousands of Euros that it is not even worthy of a column in the local newspapers anymore.  It’s a great island, a wonderful place to live and the weather is the best in the world, but so many people seem to leave their common sense behind.  Please, don’t let it happen to you and make sure you choose a completely insured agent.