Legal advice

In these days of DIY culture, many people in the UK successfully conduct their own conveyancing with no problems.  When these same people buy over here, they are often loathe to employ a lawyer to manage the legal procedures.  This can often be a recipe for disaster, because although some transfers can be smooth, it takes a lawyer to spot the something unusual in the contract and question it, when an unqualified agent would blithely skim through the pages and assume everything is correct.

If an estate agent advises you that you do not need the services of a lawyer, then this should act as a warning sign to ‘Beware’, and you should conduct your search for a property elsewhere. When choosing a legal advisor you should use an ‘abogado’ (Spanish lawyer) who speaks fluent English and is a member of the Bar Association of Lawyers in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. You should also ensure that he has an insured bonding for the work that he does, as this is not a legal requirement in Spain as it is in the U.K. for solicitors who do conveyancing work there.  This bonding is your protection, so you should consider it mandatory.

The main objection to using a lawyer is fees, however TENERIFE PROPERTY SHOP have negotiated a discounted fee structure for their clients with a long established and highly reputable lawyer.  This has been a major contributing factor to 100% of our clients receiving clear and unencumbered freehold title deeds to the property that they purchased.  No mean feat after more than two decades of selling properties to thousands of contented clients.  You are, of course, free to use any lawyer that you so wish and the British Consulate can give you a list of qualified lawyers who speak English.