Deciding what to buy

If you have read this far, then you have probably decided that the time has come to finally make your dream come true and buy that property abroad. So how do you make the experience a pleasure? After all a home in the sun is an exciting prospect, whether you are looking for somewhere that may eventually be your main residence, or just your own place to spend your holiday. There is no replacement for a good wish list.

A holiday getaway wants to be close to the sort of amenities that you use. Are you a golfer? A night owl? Will you let family and friends use your property when you are not here? Will you want to rent out the property ? Do you tend to rent a car, or will you need public transport and taxis? Do you cook, or is proximity to restaurants important? If you have children, that will throw all sorts of new questions into the melting pot. It may all seem very obvious, but the answers to all these questions will save you a lot of time. You don’t want to spend your precious leisure hours traipsing around every property on offer, finding that the vast majority of them are unsuitable, so the clearer you are about what you want, the less time you will spend wasted on seeing the wrong properties.

Of course, TENERIFE PROPERTY SHOP will be invaluable in this. Our advisers have been trained comprehensively, and will make the time to sit down with you and discuss your needs. Based on years of experience, and constant daily contact with the market, we will be able to advise you on areas, the benefits and disadvantages of particular complexes, and ensure that you have considered all the factors that are important to you.

If your requirements are not realistic for the price you are prepared to pay, then we will be able to help you decide on which factors to compromise. The effective knowledge of our advisors means that your time is spent on seeing a short list of possibilities, but they will all suit your requirements and needs. The more thoroughly your adviser understands what you want, the better for you. But that’s just the start.

TENERIFE PROPERTY SHOP will be able to advise you on the myriad of other choices you will make when you purchase, from mortgages to insurance. Purchasing a property on this beautiful island is an exciting decision, and we are here to make sure the experience is a pleasure, not a pain.