Buying to retire

As the year draws to a close, those of us unlucky enough to live in frosty northern European climes start to think of a home in the winter sun.  Our reasons are various, but predictable: the quality of life, the cost of living, crime, short days and long, cold nights all serve to imprison us in homes.  Life goes by and we glue ourselves to our televisions, watching others living and enjoying it.  We stop work, retire and that time which we had hoped would liberate us from responsibility and set us free becomes set in the rhythm of the TV Times.

No wonder so many of us choose to retire in Tenerife.  Unshackled by the sun, pasty pensioners take tentative footsteps outside; rediscover life, enjoyment and pleasure.  And we’re not exaggerating.  Life takes on a new sense of purpose, aches fade away and faces rediscover little used creases that used to be smiles.  Tenerife inspires.

One in five of us who buy a property on this island, do so to retire.  They are the brave ones.  Many hanker for the lifestyle, but guilt prevents them.  They worry about their children and grandchildren.  They worry about frittering away the inheritance that they intended to leave them.  A property in the sun seems a selfish luxury, not a sensible investment.  No matter the growth in property values, the enjoyment their home can offer their grandchildren, they worry. 

Perhaps the greatest worry they have is about the quality of advice they receive.  Estate agents in Tenerife are terribly good at selling property, but rarely are able to give their clients the full picture.  Generally this is because either they are untrained, or just uninterested.  So they gloss over.  It is a real shame.

With the expert advice that we offer, the inheritance tax liability of a property here can be slashed massively – a 90% saving is not unusual and an income can also be created.  Obviously such advice must come from a licensed and regulated advisor, but at TENERIFE PROPERTY SHOP, your Sales Advisor has been trained to recognise the circumstances in which that advice is needed, and will call in the experts. 

Other advantages that Tenerife offers include the Spanish public health service, transferability of pensions and established English language infrastructure which removes the necessity to learn a foreign language.

Many thousands of foreigners have chosen Tenerife to retire.  The clement climate is ideal.  TENERIFE PROPERTY SHOP have helped many people to make the move at this stage in their lives, and those who have done so have benefited from a much fuller lifestyle that they could never achieve back home.