Buying Off Plan

There has always been an enormous interest in purchasing a property still in construction.  With Tenerife’s moratorium on building, there has been no massive over supply here, as there has been on the mainland.  New construction is mainly concentrated in the areas that are being developed, such as Amarilla Golf or Palm Mar.

It begs the question: why are so many people interested in settling into a new area?  After all, there is no shortage of property for sale in more established towns in the general locale, such as Las Américas, or Los Cristianos.  The answers are, of course, various and hark back to our most primitive and fundamental urges.  Right from the early human wanderings out of Africa, we have followed coastlines and hungrily settled in new countries and continents.  Our motivation has been the improvement of our lot in life.  This might be because of the attraction of greater resources, or simply because we were having a hard time where we were before.  When America was first settled, it was done so by a mixture of dreamers, opportunists and escapees of the economic, political or religious persuasion.

And Tenerife’s new areas are not so different!  Of course we have to translate all these motivations into a more current format, but they are fundamentally the same.  There are those for whom a new area catches the imagination, who see the plans and share the vision: the dreamers.  They are excited to be a part of something new.  There are the opportunists:  property speculators who know that a new development can be a fantastic investment opportunity, and see the area in terms of property prices and potential growth.  Then there are the escapees.  Of course, for our purposes here, we’ll define ‘escapee’ in its broadest possible sense.  There are lifestyle escapees who are escaping other lands where they could not find time to enjoy and appreciate the world around them.  There are those that are escaping those very towns we mentioned earlier, perhaps because they find them claustrophobic and overdeveloped.  Perhaps because they simply seek a quieter existence, unmolested by lager louts and timeshare touts.  And of course there are the climate escapees, who have migrated south to escape the cold, dark test of endurance that was their daily lives.

So the wagon trains fill up and areas like Amarilla Golf, the brave new world, have become the focus of so many people’s dreams.  And as the areas develop further, so the nature and character of the settlers will change.  But it is these early pioneers that will reap the greatest benefits from the area.  Whether it is an economic or a lifestyle motivation that brought them to the Promised Land, history shows that the exploration and settlement of new frontiers always profits most those with the initiative and creativity to be at the vanguard.

With over two decades of experience in this market, TENERIFE PROPERTY SHOP is in the enviable position of being able to cherry pick the developments they deal with.  So buying through TENERIFE PROPERTY SHOP will guarantee you peace of mind.  The company only deals with developers with a good track record.  We’ll ensure that the paperwork reflects everything that has been verbally agreed.  We’ll, make sure the contract can be sold on, so that, if the market conditions are right, you have that option.  All the developers we deal with have structured price rises.  For instance, someone buying a unit now will pay less than someone buying a unit in a year’s time.  Developer prices define what you can sell your unit for, so there will be a structured increase in the value of your property.