7 Reasons why you should buy a holiday home in Tenerife

More and more people are buying holiday homes in Tenerife, and the property market is experiencing its most busy period in years. Of course, one of the main reasons for this growth in numbers of buyers is that the island is becoming increasingly well connected with more low-cost flight routes all over Europe and better links to many cities in mainland Spain.

This ease of access has opened up Tenerife to many more potential buyers from more countries. But why are they buying holiday homes in Tenerife? And more importantly, why should you buy one? We take a look at the most popular reasons why.

1. Weather

The weather has to be the most important single factor for everyone as Tenerife enjoys one of the best climates in the world. With winters warm enough to barbecue the cockles of your heart and summers cooled by the balmy Atlantic breezes, your holiday home will have you and your guests basking in the sun all year round.

2. Beaches

When the weather is perfect, we all feel like going to the beach and in Tenerife, you are literally surrounded by them… the perimeter of Tenerife is 342Km and of that, 67.14Km are beaches! The sands vary from yellow Saharan to black volcanic, there are many secluded spots and natural pools as well as numerous Chiringuitos to cool you down with cold beers and mojitos.

3. Shopping

Tenerife has always been known to have cheaper prices because of the lower retail tax rate, and bargain hunting is a high priority for many holidaymakers. In recent years Tenerife has really upped its retail game with new shopping centres and familiar brand names, all available with no VAT added, just a 7% local tax.

4. Nature

From the snowy peak of Mount Teide through the incredible laurel forests of the Anaga mountains and down to the glistening ocean with its whales, dolphins and dazzling schools of fish, Tenerife has such a diverse and unique natural environment that never ceases to surprise.

5. Rental income

Millions of tourists a year come to Tenerife and the numbers keep getting bigger, which is great news for the holiday home owner that wants a return on their investment. Unlike almost anywhere else, the season is not just restricted to a small window of the year, the incredible weather ensures that visitors want to stay on the island 365 days a year. It is essential to get advice from Tenerife Property Shop as to which properties may be suitable for short term touristic letting and those only suitable for long term letting.

6. Variety

The variety of things to do in Tenerife ensures that the whole family from the youngest to the oldest enjoys their stay. From theme parks to water sports and Michelin starred restaurants to the opera, everyone will find many things to enjoy amongst the hundreds of activities on offer.

7. Capital Growth

Property prices in Tenerife have been at a low ebb since the effects of the last financial crisis and have yet to recover their former levels. Prices still have some catching up to do, and for those who are looking for a good investment, Tenerife property represents an excellent proposition. Not only is there rental potential, but the resale value of your investment is likely to keep on growing beyond normal expectations over the next few years. But beware – demand is now outstripping supply and estate agents’ portfolios of property for sale are decreasing at an alarming rate, which will inevitably increase prices even further.