Back to Basics: Tenerife Lifestyle

Back to Basics: Tenerife Lifestyle

With all the hullabaloo of recessions, economies, property prices and exchange rates, it’s easy to lose sight of the basic reason why we buy property in Tenerife in the first place. It’s the reason why Tenerife is, and always will be, a good investment and the reason why our population continues to expand. Tenerife is just a great place to be.

Of course, the most important thing that makes our lives so much more enjoyable is the weather in Tenerife. Warm winters and summers that are cooled by ocean breezes give Tenerife the best possible climate throughout the year. For holiday home owners it means the flexibility to visit their home at anytime and expect glorious, sunny days. For investors it is measured in rentable weeks. While for those of us who are lucky enough to live here, time slows down and we enjoy every minute of our sun soaked lifestyles!

Surrounding us is the incredible variety of Tenerife’s landscape and of course the beaches! And there are so many ways to enjoy the natural bounty of the island. From outdoor activities and sports on land, such as hiking, golf and cycling, to water based fun with scuba, snorkelling, fishing and sailing, Tenerife has a huge amount to offer.

Days are never boring in Tenerife, whether you live here or own a holiday home. Theme parks, water parks and all sorts of excursions pack every day full of fun for all the family, blue skies guaranteed. Excellent cuisine, culture, Shopping: Tenerife has it all! We have the best carnival, local fiestas as well as a nightlife that is renowned world over.

With so many different ways to enjoy Tenerife, millions of people visit the island every year. Each of them enjoy the island in their own individual way, and many come back year after year to sample more of Tenerife’s kaleidoscope of sounds, colours and tastes. No matter how often you visit the island, there are new experiences waiting for you, and that is Tenerife’s real magic.