A case of mistaken identity

Tenerife Property Shop is a great name, and we have had it for over twenty years.  It does exactly what it says on the tin: it’s where you buy property in Tenerife.  But in those many years of existence, other agents have popped up (and down again), and some of their choices of name have been rather similar.  Some of the logos have been uncomfortably similar as well.  Imitation is of course a compliment, but it can mislead and lull the innocent into a false sense of security, as happened to one property buyer recently.

If you want security in your purchase, then take care to walk into the right Estate Agent!

It is not uncommon that a hapless property buyer or seller has walked into the wrong estate agent, thinking it was one of our offices.  The staff they find within may not necessarily dissuade them from thinking that they are in Tenerife Property Shop.  In fact it can be many months before the buyer works it out.  Last week we had a complaint on the phone, from one such buyer.  We’ll change his name to John Smith for reasons that will become clear.  It took a lot of persuasion to make John realise that he was buying a property from another agent.  All the while, through the whole purchase process, he had been under the impression that he was dealing with us.  It was only when John had hit problems several months afterwards, and decided to call the head office number in one of our adverts, that the truth hit home. 

The problems John hit were numerous, and unnecessary.  There were outstanding debts on the property that the sales agent had missed because they had only requested the last bills for rates and rubbish payments.  They had neglected the years of accumulated debt that John was now liable for.  Sloppy conveyancing is not uncommon in the industry, and Tenerife Property Shop protects its clients in several ways.  Obviously the company has a highly experienced team, but perhaps more importantly, all buyers are covered by a Caser Title Deed Insurance when they take title.  This protects them for 20 years against the whole range of potential problems that may occur, from fraud to demolition, even bad tenants and squatters.

So to ensure that you do not make the same (expensive) mistake as John Smith, you can find a map with the exact location of each of our offices by clicking ‘find our offices’ above.