Tenerife more popular than Paris!!

A new study analysed over 1.4 million international real estate searches on Google, categorizing them into towns, regions and countries across the world.

Google search data is the largest and most reliable source of information and according to the study, the most popular overseas property destination among English-speaking internet users is Spain.  Searches for Spain and its towns and regions outstripped France, which came second, by a ratio of over two to one suggesting that Spanish property is considerably more popular than previously thought.  And the most popular location in Spain is Tenerife, beating Paris, the top location in France!

The most surprising finding in the study is arguably the lowly position of Portugal which came bottom of the list of 11 countries and regions with only 3% of the searches. The Middle East is fourth in the table with most searches for Dubai, and Morocco and Egypt a long way behind.  Central & South America is fifth, followed by Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Caribbean and lastly, ninth in the table is Eastern Europe excluding Bulgaria.