Whales and Dolphins in Tenerife

Few experiences will beat the thrill of a mini cruise photo safari to see the school of pilot whales that have taken up residence a mere three kilometres off Los Cristianos.

Of the 79 species of whales in the world, 25 can be found in the waters of the Canary Islands and of these, 19 have been spotted in the south of Tenerife alone.

The Jacques Cousteau film team spent several weeks in Tenerife , capturing on film the "300 strong school of whales and according to Cousteau, their presence just off the coast of Tenerife is a phenomenon unique in the world".

An earlier film entitled "The Pilot Whales of Tenerife" won first prize, the coveted "Palme d´Or" at the 17th International Film Festival at Antibes . Dolphins will often playfully race along with the boats and Pilot Whales of 5.5 metres in length, weighing 1,300 lbs will often swim so close that you can hear their breathing and feel the spray from their blowholes.

You too, armed with camera or video could capture this remarkable phenomenon which is something that most people will never experience in their lifetime.