Tenerife lifestyle draws expats

One of the things which attracts so many people to buy property in Spain is the lifestyle which is so different from many other European countries. Tenerife Property Shop cite lifestyle as one of the major reasons why foreigners buy property in Tenerife.  The CIS (Spain’s Centre for Sociological Research) has just published a survey which indicates that Spaniards themselves are very happy with the main lifestyle differences between Spain and their European partners, and it is interesting to see how the Spanish view of their lifestyle compares to the expat view.

Of course the single most important factor recorded by Tenerife Property Shop is the clement climate, a factor that does not show up in the recent Spanish survey because the Spanish, on the whole, do not have to experience the misery of Northern European weather.  However, many other findings from the survey ring just as true for Tenerife.

Diet and eating habits are important both for the relocating expatriate and the indigenous population.  Experts have been talking about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet for years. The traditional Spanish diet – grains, cereals, fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, olive oil, and the odd glass of red wine is undeniably healthier than the fried, take-away and convenience diet that we in the North are more accustomed to.  Eating habits also differ with over half the Spanish people interviewed eating lunch from two to three o’clock and 19.9 percent between three and four o’clock. Meanwhile over 75 percent have dinner after nine, and 27 percent from ten to eleven o’clock. Spaniards sleep on average seven and a quarter hours during the week and eight and a half hours at weekends.

Spaniards consider health and family to be most important to them (86 and 81 percent respectively), followed by work (56.4), friends (46.5), with money much lower down the list (27.7).  The Tenerife lifestyle is a much more outdoor life, which is healthier.

These differences between the Spanish and us northern Europeans highlight many of the factors which we find so appealing, and why we choose to live here.  Tenerife Property Shop also list a number of other considerations as important reasons why we foreigners choose Tenerife in such great numbers.  The cosmopolitan make up of the island is matched only by its natural diversity with beaches and snowy mountain scenery, as well as forests and rugged volcanic malpais.  The health service is arguably superior to the UK’s ageing NHS.  The language is spoken by over 450 million people around the world and if we don’t learn it ourselves, we uniformly want our children to speak it.  The final factor identified by Tenerife Property Shop is, of course, the Spanish people themselves, who are warm, charming and welcoming.