God Invented Tenerife For Golfers

Most of us can only steal away a short few days from our hectic schedules to relax and enjoy a few rounds, but when rain clouds loom and thunder booms, just as the driver comes out of the bag, it can reduce grown men to tears.  There can be few sights as pitiful as miserable golfers staring out at rain sodden greens through misty clubhouse windows.  “That’s why God invented Tenerife!” one keen golfer was heard to say.

Of course, to many, golf is almost like a religion itself.  Its deities include the likes of Ballesteros, Phil Mickelson, José María Olazábal, Ernie Els, Sergio Garcia and Mark James, to name but a few who have graced the greens of Tenerife.  A regular stop off on PGA tours, Tenerife also has a huge range of open tournaments, the perfect way to test your mettle and skills in a competitive environment.  But if digging divots under the spotlight is not for you, there is still an undeniable thrill in tracing the footsteps of the masters and facing the same challenges on these pristine courses.

Of the nine courses (or ‘campos’, as they are called in Spanish), seven are based in the south of the island, within just a few minutes’ drive of the main holiday resorts. Indeed two of these, Golf del Sur and Amarilla Golf are adjacent to each other in an area that the golfing fraternity would consider Tenerife’s heartland.  Together they provide forty five holes within buggy range.  With the snowy peak of Mount Teide on one side and the glistening ocean on the other, these two courses not only inspire the sportsman, but also the dreamer.  Of course, such a perfect environment is not just a second home to golfers, but it is also a perfect place for a second home!

Tenerife has been re-inventing itself, shedding its package holiday image from the eighties and becoming a five star destination for year round holidays.  This is much more than just marketing hype: it has been backed up by millions spent on infrastructure and rigid laws limiting new construction.  And Amarilla Golf, with its new yacht marina, is the jewel in the new Tenerife’s crown. A limited number of new homes are being built in this area, and stringent local laws are ensuring that standards of luxury will be of the highest degree.

So it is not just golfers who you might see on the Elysian fields of Amarilla Golf, but investors as well.  The same perfect weather that allows golfers to play 365 days a year, also allows investors to let their properties out all year, too.  And in the golfer’s heartland, there’s certainly always demand.  Rather than scrambling for the short two or three month window of summer rental opportunity available on mainland Spain or in so many other destinations, golf property in Tenerife enjoys a constant twelve month demand from over 5 million visitors.