3 Innovations bringing back the buyers

3 Innovations bringing back the buyers

In these troubled economic times, foreign property buyers are about as skittish as kittens; they fret and worry about selling their home to buy in the sun, the poor exchange rates and if they really can justify splashing out on the villa of their dreams. But now Canaria Hispania, the prominent Tenerife property developer, has brought out a three innovative incentives that are bringing those buyers back.

Unshackling chains

Buyers caught in a chain or waiting to sell their property can take advantage of the mortgage paid for 2 years offer.  This offer does just what it says on the tin.  Your mortgage repayments and interest are paid for the first 2 years.  No catch. 

Yesteryear’s Exchange Rates

Sterling buyers are aghast at how low the Pound has sunk, but never fear, help is at hand!  Canaria Hispania are offering to roll back the exchange rate with a rate of 1.30 Euros to the Pound, saving  buyers ₤50,000 or more!

A Fraction of the Cost

And for those who want their luxury, but just want a small commitment, Canaria Hispania are offering quarter shares in the freehold of one of their gorgeous villas!  Fractional ownership means a quarter of the cost and 3 months of usage a year: the perfect solution for those who want a luxury villa at a fraction of the price!

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